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>Worship and Intercession

Worship and Intercession

Worship and Intercession is a part of our calling as a Church. To take time to Worship and adore our King, to proclaim His greatness, and bow before Him is our privilege and priority. To make time to pray – intercede – for God’s Presence and Power to sweep through our region. To ask Him, in His mercy and kindness to save, heal and restore the masses who live without the joy of knowing Him, is our responsibility.

So regularly we meet together to engage in this pursuit. It’s a time to be focused, yet relaxed in His Presence. It’s a time to linger and to wait. It’s a time to be spontaneous and sometimes to be silent. It’s a time to cry out and sometimes to whisper our passionate please to our Father to meet the needs of many.

It’s a time to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and let Him weave a tapestry of faith, petition and adoration.

We invite you to join with us in this Scriptural melding of precious pursuits that is Worship and Intercession.


Cleck the link below to access the Church calendar for the next night of Worship and Intercession.