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>ACTS Programs
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 The ACTS children’s Ministry, for kids ages 1 through 12, functions each Sunday Morning.


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Sisterhood is ACTS’ Ministry to women. Sisterhood meetings take place each month in Redlands and Riverside


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Impact is ACTS’ Ministry to men. Men meet together once a month for a corporate meeting and informally for prayer and study.


Worship and Intercession

Worship and Intercession takes place each month, usually on the last Friday of the month. It is an informal time of extended Worship and Prayer that takes place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.



Soaking Groups

Soaking groups are informal groups that meet together to Worship, soak in God’s Presence, share and minister. The meetings are open to all. There are two locations at present – in Redlands and Riverside.


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Healing and Prophetic Ministry

Healing and Prophetic Ministry is available by appointment on specific days. Sessions will be available in the fall.