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>About ACTS

About ACTS

What kind of people go to ACTS?


ACTS is full of normal people, just like you! Some are Contractors, some are Doctors, some work in Retail, some are Business Owners, some are Teachers, some are Retired, some are Students.


We are a multi-generational and multi-racial Church that just plain loves people and loves life! ACTS is a relational Church. You can visit and hang out, but what we really want is to get to know you – and for you to get to know us so that we can live out life together.


At ACTS we’ve started to learn that when we live for something bigger than our ‘selves’ our real selves start to emerge, as they should have always been. And the ‘something bigger’ is the church for which Jesus came and gave Himself.


At ACTS this means loving, serving and preferring one another. It means each of us finding our part and learning to serve with the gifts God gives, covering each other’s weaknesses and always being each other’s biggest fans. Sometimes it will mean the church shining, while as individuals we are in the background unnoticed.


The world is full of ways in which men and women use people for their own career path or reputation. Meanwhile, God is building a community where gifted people, who could do their own thing, gladly commit themselves to one another because they have seen something greater.

Our History

ACTS began in 2011 when Kevin & Lorna Matthews were directed by God to relocate their ministry to Southern California.

Kevin & Lorna Matthews have ministered in the USA and around the world for nearly 40 years planting Churches, Pastoring and giving Apostolic oversight to Churches internationally,as well as leading evangelical crusades and speaking in conferences. Kevin & Lorna partnered with Mike Bickle in the formative years of The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO where they functioned as a part of the Apostolic oversight with Mike, while giving leadership to Healing & Prophetic Ministries. Kevin and Lorna have ministered in conferences with numerous other ministries like John & Carol Arnott, John Kilpatrick, Paul Cain, Jim Goll, Shawn Bolz, Jill Austin and many others. Kevin & Lorna have taught thousands of people to minister to the sick and many Churches and groups in the USA, Europe and China have patterned their ministries on the methods taught by the Matthews.

The idea of an “ACTS Center” had been a long time “dream” of Kevin & Lorna’s, birthed when they were ministering around the world, a vibrant and exciting Church that would reflect the priorities found in the Book of ACTS, of worship, ministry, prayer, outreach, training and sending.

In 2011 a handful of people met together to hear their vision and the ACTS Center became a reality.


The ACTS Center has developed over the last years and has begun to reflect all of those priorities. God has brought together a wonderful group of talented and passionate people who want to reach the City, the Region, the Nation and the Nations of the world with Kingdom Life and Power.


ACTS is no longer a “dream”, it is a reality. Not just “Church as usual”, but a place where God is free to move, a place where miracles happen on a regular basis, a place where people can grow and learn and fulfill the call of God on their lives.

Are you a part of a denomination?

Acts is a non-denominational Church, that means that we welcome people to Worship from all denominational backgrounds, Catholic, Evangelical, Episcopal, Pentecostal etc.


ACTS has very close relationships with other Pastors and Churches nationally and internationally some of who serve on the Board of Directors.


ACTS is a Hillsong Partner Church.

ACTS Center

217 E. Club Center Drive,

San Bernardino CA 92408

Senior Pastor

Kevin Matthews