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The Suddenly of God

Ex 3:14 God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

The expectation of a move of God is something that we should all work to develop. Expectation is key in all of our interactions with the Spirit of God and is developed by being focused upon Jesus’ promise to invade the present with Kingdom power. God is a God of the “now” – His Name is, “I AM”. Right now, is when God desires to release His power to bring freedom and healing, right now, is the time when God wants to speak to us and direct our lives. The “suddenlies” of God (Acts 2:2are “now” happenings – when God unexpectedly breaks in and changes everything.

In the desert, Moses was confronted by the Eternal God whoever seeks to invade the present and make Himself known as the great “I AM”. The appearance of a burning bush was sudden and unexpected; God stepped right into the ordinariness of Moses’ work day and captured Moses’ attention with supernatural fire. His purpose was to change the course of Moses’ life forever by involving him in His Divine purposes. God’s call to Moses included an acknowledgment of national relationship with the descendants of Abraham, deliverance from the pain of the past, an entering into a “present” relationship and a promise of future blessing and glory Ex 3: 4-8 – note: deliver from / bring intoMoses’ was never the same again!

Once Moses accepted God’s choosing it brought all of his life into sharp focus – instead of hiding (because of the failures of the past) and wandering as a shepherd  (fulfilling a role far below his abilities and calling) he stepped into the fullness of why he had been born.

This is one reason why we are encouraged to pray daily “Your Kingdom Come!” Jesus wants us to address our Eternal Father and invite Him – really command Him – to invade the present and change the course of our lives with the Kingdom of God. It’s an invitation that is fired by expectation, an expectation of an inrush of Kingdom Life and Power into the ordinariness of our everyday lives. We understand that the breaking in of God into the “now” of our lives is what is required to change the future. It is vital that we develop such an expectation or we will be left languishing with a vague hope that He will come at some future time.

Today, address your Heavenly Father and let Him know your desire to have Him invade your life with His Presence and Power. Then be expectant that the God to whom you have made your request known will visit you …………suddenly!

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