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Sunday 15th July 2018

Book of Acts Series Part 10

In this continuation of our journey through the Book of Acts, Kevin speaks about the conversion of Saul (Paul). This former zealot Pharisee is changed by an encounter with the risen Jesus and becomes a firebrand for God.

Sunday 17th June 2018

Book of ACTS Series Part 9 A

Study of the Book of ACTS Part 9 - Summary

After Stephen's death, a great persecution begins and the believers are scattered. Saul (Paul) launches a tirade against the Church, entering houses and dragging off families to prison


Philip escapes and heads North to Samaria where great revival breaks out.

Sunday 10th June 2018

Book of ACTS Series Part 8

Study of the Book of ACTS Part 8 - Summary

Acts chapters 6 and 7 deal further with the attacks of the enemy upon the young Church. The Apostles respond by releasing men to Minister among the people.

This stirring message highlights one of the magnificent 7 - Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Stephen is falsely accused by men of the Word who compromise all that they believe in because of offense. Stephen is killed in the presence of Saul (Paul) who is in agreement with his death. 

Stephen exposes the hypocrisy of his hearers who would much rather compromise their sacred faith rather than acknowledge their failure and repent. Perhaps this is what Paul refers to later, describing himself as "the chief of sinners". He chose to believe a half-truth, a baseless accusation against an innocent man, compromised his faith (acted in a way contrary to the Word) and added his agreement to a capital crime.